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Hey students, it’s time to relax and enjoy a break from your studies with Adam & Eve’s exclusive offer! Use promo code STUDY to unlock 50% off and free shipping on our Skins Minis Massage-a-Trois Set. Perfect for unwinding during study breaks, this compact and discreet set includes three unique vibrators, each offering a variety of sensations.


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These vibrators are designed for easy use and cleaning, made from body-safe materials to ensure your relaxation is safe and enjoyable. Ideal for self-care and exploration, the Skins Minis Massage-a-Trois Set is your ticket to a well-deserved escape.


🌟 How to Use Your Promo Code: 🌟

  1. Visit and select the Skins Minis Massage-a-Trois Set.
  2. Add it to your cart for a fun and relaxing break.
  3. At checkout, apply promo code STUDY to activate your 50% discount, free shipping, and free gift.
  4. Complete your purchase and get ready for discreet delivery of your self-care treat.


Embrace the chance to make your study breaks more enjoyable with Adam & Eve’s special offer. Use promo code STUDY and give yourself the gift of relaxation and pleasure.


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