Scandal Over The Door Cross: Be Submissive, Get Strapped On The Door!

Scandal Over The Door Cross Be Submissive, Get Strapped On The Door!

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Adam & Eve


Put Your Submissive Where You Can Keep An Eye On Them –– Strapped To The Door.

“Give your submissive the peace of mind and immobility they crave –– spread-eagled against any door of your choosing.

Plush lined cuffs for ankles and wrists will spread your submissive’s arms and legs for the kind of special teasing only you, their dominant, can provide. (That is, when you bloody feel like it, of course.)

Oh, they will squirm and they will twist and they will fuss. Let them. Sturdy and fully adjustable straps will hold each limb in place, thanks to a bar hook that sets up easily over the top of the door. Once the bar hook is in place, close the door and cuff your submissive’s ankles and wrists. O-rings with swivel designs allow your submissive to express their fate with all the squirming they can muster.

You can just imagine what that will look like!